When my Mom Goes to Tsunami Supermarket, Why Can’t I Tag Along,”


Susana Basanty, the author of ” When my Mom Goes to Tsunami Supermarket, Why Can’t I Tag Along,” is an American born in Madrid, Spain. Later she moved to California in the 1970s, worked in eCommerce, and now is writing.

She is married to Robert and has two children Elena and Christopher. A daughter in law Courtney, and a granddaughter Aviana. When she is not writing, she enjoys family, church, friends, cooking, gardening, crafting, Tunisian crochet, and a positive mindset. For more information on Susana’s upcoming releases visit website. Buy at

My father was born in Saltillo, Mexico; his parents were descendants of Spanish people who lived in Texas; they went as American Christian missionaries to Mexico.
My parents met in New York and married, then moved to Spain. My father built and maintained American Air Force Bases in Spain.
When we came back to California, I felt very out of place and culturally lost. After all these years, I have found my place, we have friends who are immigrants because my husband and I relate well to other cultures. He is of Armenian Egyptian descent.
We traveled with our children and took them to Spain often, and and other countries they loved it.
At this time in my life, I love both cultures.

I worked from home so I could raise my two wonderful children who are now 36 and 38. I waited until they went to college to go back to college and get another degree then I fell ill with lupus, it was a devastating diagnosis and depressing. I have quite a positive outlook on life. I informed myself and tried every treatment the Dr.'s offered me I have now survived 30 years with Lupus and continue to do so. In order to be able to work, I sold online from 2004 up to 2019. I also am an actor and have worked in film, commercials, and corporate video from 2010 to 2017, which I stopped for health reasons and medical treatment.
Then covid came and once again I was unable to go out and buy antiques and resell them. I became a little down thinking what am I going to do now?
I was cleaning out my closet and I found a file with the Tsunami supermarket story written out. There was my answer, the stories I had told my children at bedtime that they loved were going to be published.

Now my shut-in, because of my fragile immune system became a daily adventure to see what can I write to help a child dream with their imagination. At the same time help me to feel useful while being confined to my home for my own health.
So this is my story and how I came to start writing at 61 years old.


Avi, a young inquisitive girl, has an adventurous day with her Grandma and discovers something special at a supermarket. An inspiring story involving three generations - a Grandmother, a Mother, and Avi.

When my Mom Goes to Tsunami Supermarket, Why Can't I Tag Along? by Susana Basanty Copyright :copyright: 2020 by Susana Basanty All Rights Reserved This is a work of fiction and for entertainment purposes.

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