When my Mom Goes to Tsunami Supermarket

Dec, 2020

Why Can’t I Tag Along,” Avi, a young inquisitive girl, has an adventurous day with her Grandma and discovers something special at a supermarket.An inspiring story involving, three generations - a Grandmother, a Mother, and Avi. The author Susana Basanty is an American born in Madrid, Spain. Later she moved to California in the 1970s, worked in eCommerce, and now is writing. She is married to Robert and has two children Elena and Christopher. A daughter in law Courtney, and a granddaughter Aviana. When she is not writing, she enjoys family, church, friends, cooking, gardening, crafting, Tunisian crochet, and a positive mindset.


Cuando Mi Mamá Va Al Supermercado Tsunami, ¿Por Qué No La Puedo Acompañar?

Dec, 2020

Avi, una niña curiosa, tiene un día de aventuras con su abuela y descubre algo especial en un supermercado. Una historia inspiradora que involucra a tres generaciones: una abuela, una madre y Avi


Can This Family Survive Quarantine?: The Adventures of Sheltering in Place and COVID-19

January 7, 2021

A family struggles and copes with COVID-19, sheltering in place. Their unique approach teaches them how to help each other and others.